Welcome to Rose Quartz Inn

You can create a boutique-like feeling within your own home. Imagine your bedroom being as sophisticated as a lavish hotel room! All you need is some lighting, a plump bed, and few extra touches.  We have even upgraded the outside with a brand new roof for the pool house!

Sheets are very important to create the feeling of a lavish hotel room in your own bedroom. You will want a thread count of at least 400, but don’t be afraid to go even higher!

You’ll also want some big fluffy pillows. Choose colors that are elegant and sophisticated. Consider extra padding for your bed – this will really give you that luxurious pampering after a long day.

Curtains can really add elegance to a room. You’ll want both sheer curtains and heavy curtains. The sheer curtains will allow light to come in during the day.  With a great view of the pool house and pool area!

The heavier curtains will block out more light. This can be very luxurious on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s also very helpful for anyone who works nights and must sleep during the day. But by opening the heavy curtains and using only the sheer curtains, you can allow sunlight to come through. If you have a desk in your office or just like to enjoy your bedroom when you aren’t sleeping, you’ll appreciate this. Try relaxing in your new room with a book on a sunny day.

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