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8 Food Trends Of California

California is considered a global trendsetter. Consequent to the diversity and the migration in California, it has influences of different parts of the world in its food, language, tradition and so on. In this article, we will discuss some of the major food trends in California.

The Californian cuisine has its roots in Asian, Hispanic American and European influences. As a result, there is an upsurge of fusion cuisine. With that, it also produces fresh food, such as vegetables and fruits in large quantities, which influences the food that is preferred. Let’s look at some of the major trends that have been seen in the past.

  1. Cali-Baja style

A beautiful intersection of farm-fresh Californian produce with Baja-Med cuisine, which has Baja and Mediterranean influences, it includes food such as tacos, frozen horchatas, tamales among others.

Cali-Baja style

  1. Poke

A traditional Hawaiian dish, it has gained more popularity in mainland America since 2012. Unlike the original poke, where the fishes were gutted, skinned and deboned, and served with condiments, the poke that is popular in California is not pre-marinated and is made with sauces like ponzu sauce and so on, on demand.

  1. Beyond Meat

As California boasts the highest number of vegan restaurants, Beyond Meat is becoming more and more popular in California. As more people convert to or try veganism, meat substitutes become more acceptable and sought after. It is yet to become as popular as meat, however, it has made a niche in the food market.

  1. Food Trucks

Food Trucks have taken the USA by storm. From grilled cheese to Korean barbecue, food trucks have started serving not only cheap, easy-to-eat options, but also, gourmet food.

  1. Matcha

Taking on the Asian influence that we have spoken about, California is embracing everything Matcha. The Japanese green tea, with all its health benefits and subtle taste, has become a favourite in California. There are Matcha themed cafes that have opened up too.

green tea

  1. Korean Barbecue

Barbecue is a familiar and much-loved food in California. While everyone enjoys the California style barbecue, the up and coming barbecue style is Korean barbecue. There are 2-hour long queues in front of some of the famous all you can eat Korean barbecues on weekends as it is common now for people to indulge in fatty pork bellies and gulp it down with some soju.

  1. Fast Food Drive-in

As fast a city as California is, it is difficult for its people to cook every day, or even have the time to indulge in elaborate meals. As a result, fast-food drive-ins come in handy and are a good way of getting something to eat on the go.

  1. Meal Preparation

As mentioned earlier, the people of California, with all its hustle-bustle, seem to be busy at most points of their day. Even so, with the rise of awareness regarding health, many of them would prefer to have fresh, healthy food over greasy, junk food. As a result, meal preparation is becoming more and more common in California. People generally prepare their meals for the entire week on their weekends and store them in the fridge. They heat the food in the microwave before eating it every time.

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