5 Ways of Attracting New Guests to Your Hotel

Hotels, nowadays, are seen as more than just places to stay. They require much more than clean rooms and toiletries to attract customers to their property. Here are some ways in which you can attract new guests to your property.

Display images and videos of the property

Display images

Posting pictures and videos of the rooms, and the common areas on the hotel’s website, as well as on the sites where the hotel is available for the customer to book rooms from, makes the hotel space look more authentic, reliable and attracts more customers. It also helps the customer get an idea of what they are expecting out of their stay.

List all the amenities available in the hotel

The hotel might want to list amenities that they are providing, such as complimentary breakfasts, free Wi-Fi, minibars, TVs, types of bed, among other things.  The hotel can also list services it offers such as spa, gym, pick-up/drop-off services, or facility of shuttles to take the guests from the hotel to the destinations they want to visit. It helps the customer decide what they want, and will establish transparency between the hotel and its guests.

Social Media engagement

Having accounts on social media where existing customers can share pictures and reviews of the hotel can be a way of attracting new guests. On platforms such as Instagram, where the account can reshare the posts and stories of “happy customers” on their story can be a good way of showing new customers that people have stayed at the property and enjoyed it too. Facebook is a good platform too, as it has the star rating system, where new guests can see the positive feedbacks that the hotel has received from the guests who have already visited the hotel. Active engagement with the client on comments or direct messages could be another way of making the guests realise that the hotel values its customers.

Use Story-telling as a Tool

Telling the story of how your property is unique and stands out among the competitors can be a way to go about attracting new guests. It can be done in many ways, such as decorating it in a certain way, following a theme in terms of not only decorating the property but also how the staff dresses up or coming up with innovative price strategies will help gain attention of the guests.

List all the famous places around

If the property is located in a tourist destination, it might help to list out different famous places that the tourists might want to visit, that are near the hotel. If the hotel is located near a popular beach, writing the distance of the beach from the hotel will attract clients, as people would like to stay in places that are near destinations they want to visit. Not only that, the property can boast of its views from different rooms or rooftop if it is applicable.

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