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7 Extra Services to Satisfy Your Hotel Guests

Staying at a good hotel can be relaxing, be it travelling to different cities or countries for vacation, work tours, or even staycations. Hotels have been coming up with innovative ways to make their customers feel more welcome. Hotels, being part of the hospitality industry, means their business depends on being hospitable to their customers. There are certain services that the hotels can provide their customers with, for better experiences for the guests, and more visibility and goodwill for the hotel.

A personal touch to the process of booking and stay

When the customers book a room at a hotel, they are booking more than a room. They are booking a place to be comfortable in, and hence, expect excellent services. A small gesture such as a card welcoming them with their name on it in their room can go a long way.


A welcome tray or a welcome drink

As the guests reach the hotel, welcoming them with a complimentary drink, such as coconut water if the hotel is located in a coastal area, followed by a tray of candies or fruits in the room can make the guests feel more at home.

Polite Staff

First impressions are essential. Having polite and efficient staff at the hotel, from the front desk staff to the bellboys who can carry the guests’ luggage on their arrival can make the guests comforted.

Polite Staff

Free upgrades

If a guest has come to the hotel on a special occasion, for example, on their birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, upgrading them to a better room to show that the hotel cares about their special day could be a way to make them feel like it cares about them.

Pick-up/Drop-off services

The guests might be travelling long distances to reach their destination. If the hotel can provide for free shuttle services to the nearest airports, railway stations, and bus stops, knowing that they will not have to bear the hassle of finding means of transport to the hotel, can make the customers feel more assured and relaxed.

Availability of minibars and free Wi-Fi

The minibar can be filled with drinks and snacks for the customer to purchase during their stay. Having the option of buying them without having to go out can be an effective way to make the customers feel at home. Wi-Fi has become a necessity for most of us these days. Providing such a facility will attract not only tourists but also guests who have travelled for work, as it becomes easier for them to access whatever they need.

Paid romance packages

Hotels in destinations which are famous for couple getaways, such as Bali, Mauritius among others, it is good to have romance packages. Such packages may include honeymoon suites, candlelight dinners, personalised things such as a cake or a small token when they are leaving the hotel. It will make customers feel special.

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